What is the POWERSHIFT® Program?

PowerShift® was developed in conjunction with our wholesale power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Association (WVPA), to empower our members to join us in our efforts to control electric rates.

PowerShift® works by shifting electricity use via residential electric water heaters, central air-conditioners and seasonal agricultural loads from peak demand times to times of lesser demand.

What is Peak Demand and why is reducing it important?

Electricity is produced for immediate use; it cannot be stored economically. Because of this, power plants must meet electrical requirements at all times. Peak demand refers to those periods when electric consumers collectively use the most electricity. Generally, electricity prices are higher during demand peaks.

The price an REMC member must pay for electricity is partially based on how much power your local electric cooperative requires during these peak demand intervals, generally the hottest, most humid days each summer and coldest days of winter. Reducing the amount of power your cooperative uses on those days, as well as during other times throughout the year, can help to stabilize electric costs.

How Does POWERSHIFT® Work?

Members volunteer to have a load control receiver installed on their electric water heater, central air conditioner or pool pumps.

WVPA and Marshall Co REMC monitor electrical demand and weather conditions 24 hours a day. When demand reaches extreme levels, a signal is transmitted over electric lines to the load control receivers. The receivers temporarily switch off power to the units for a short period of time. You don’t lift a finger! Monitoring systems and the load control receiver do all the work at no cost to you*.

How Does POWERSHIFT® benefit you?

By working together to reduce our demand for energy during peak times, we can reduce Marshall Co REMC’s power costs, reduce the need to build power plants, lessen the impact on the environment, and minimize the need to increase future electric rates.

New Program - Wi-Fi Thermostats

When everybody’s using electricity during the hottest days of the year, wholesale power supply costs can go up and that can eventually cause higher costs for everyone. When you enroll in the PowerShift® Wi-Fi Thermostat Program*, you agree to allow brief, small adjustments to your residential thermostat during times of peak electric demand. You’ll receive $50 from your local electric cooperative when you enroll, and $25 at the end of the summer for participating. You’ll help preserve natural resources, delaying the need for new power plants, and keeping electric costs lower for everyone.

*Not all Wi-Fi thermostats are eligible for participation.

The PowerShift Wi-Fi Thermostat Program has several options for different types of thermostats.


To qualify, you must be a full-time residential member with an electric water heater or central air-conditioner, own a single family home (renters can participate with landlord consent), as well as any member with a pool pump.

Marshall Co REMC pays for the load control receiver and for its installation on water heaters, central air-conditioners, and pool pumps. 

POWERSHIFT® Enrollment