Operation Round Up

Together, our small change makes a big difference!

What it is:

Operation Round Up® is a charitable fundraising program that lets you donate the spare change on your energy bill to help those in need throughout your community.  With an average donation of only $6.00 per year, and never more than 99 cents a month, you can make a small investment that pays big dividends in your community.  Operation Round Up is families working together to improve their collective quality of life.

Operation Round Up is a program that some 230 co-ops across the country have instituted with a great deal of success and wide acceptance from their membership. We hope to provide that same positive affect on our community with the participation of our members.

How it works:

When members participate in the program, we “round up” their energy bill to the next dollar.  The difference goes into a special fund administered by the Marshall County Community Foundation and distributed by an independent board of directors. The directors will send the money right back into the community, to the places that need it most.

Although every member’s donation will be less than $1.00 per month, we can work together to build this fund for everyone’s benefit.  If 5,000 members participate with an average donation of just $6.00 per year, that’s $30,000 we can put to work in our community.

What the grants will be used for:

Operation Round Up® can help assist with community needs, such as:

  • Programs for seniors, youth and students
  • School supplies and clothing for those in need
  • New firefighting equipment
  • Emergency medical personnel
  • Food banks

Operation Round Up® does NOT:

  • Increase your energy rates
  • Fund political or private interests in the community
  • Pay utility bills

How to Opt-Out of the program:

If you would not like to participate in Operation Round Up®, please call the Marshall County REMC office or send an email to Communications Specialist, Emily Howard at ehoward@marshallremc.com.

How do I enroll in Operation Round Up:

Enroll in Operation Round Up by clicking here or you are welcome to call our office at 574-936-3161.

Who distributes the funds:

The Operation Round Up® funds will be distributed by a board of directors elected by the REMC Board of Directors.  The Operation Round Up® Board of Directors will meet quarterly to review the grant applications and select which grants will be funded.

How to request a grant:

Interested parties must complete and submit a grant application form to the Marshall County REMC office or fill out the form below. Grant applications will be reviewed at their scheduled quarterly meetings.  For more information on grant requests contact Communications Specialist, Emily Howard at ehoward@marshallremc.com or call the office at 574-936-3161.

Online Grant Application (PDF Download)

Online Final Progress Report (PDF Download)