Budget Billing

Marshall County REMC is well aware of the impact that seasonal fluctuations in temperature have on your electric usage. We realize that it is often difficult to pay electric bills created during winter months when home heating bills increase. One way to even out these bills is to take advantage of our budget billing program. The budget billing makes it possible for you to pay a fixed amount for eleven months beginning with the bill due July 15th. 

(Note: members must be on REMC for 12 months before qualifying for our budget billing program.)

Your electric meter will still be read remotely each month using our automated metering system and the bill you receive each month will show the actual amount of charges, but you pay only the fixed budget amount. The bill for the twelfth month will be the difference between the total amount of payment and the total charges. If your bill has been overpaid for the twelfth month, your June bill will indicate the amount to be refunded to you. If you have used more electricity than you budgeted, June’s bill will indicate the amount due to Marshall County REMC.