Thinking About Going Green?

Wind & Solar Energy Interconnection

We advise our members to conduct a thorough investigation of the benefits of alternative energy (wind/solar) generation before making an investment. The investments in alternative energy systems are not small and we want to be sure our members have fully evaluated the paybacks that may be realized from an installation.

Your alternative energy system installation will be required to meet all applicable National Electric Safety Codes and National Electric Codes. One of the requirements is that protection is present that will automatically disconnect your system from the utility in the event of a power failure on the utility side of the meter.

Steps to Connection

  • Do Your Research!¬† To help here are a few resources: Office of Energy Efficiency (, American Wind Energy Association (, ¬†Energy Information Administration (, Environmental Protection Agency (
  • Complete Application (download) and email to
  • Sign Interconnection Agreement (download) and provide supporting documents*
  • Meet with Marshall Co REMC to review project and answer any billing questions
  • Have proper authorities inspect and release your project
  • Once all steps have been completed you will be cleared to operate your system.

* $1,000,000 liability certificate must accompany application and agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Marshall Co REMC meter sends data each day containing the kWh you purchased from Marshall Co REMC and the excess kWh that Marshall Co REMC purchased from you.

Systems under 25kW fall within the guidelines outlined. For larger systems, please contact Marshall Co REMC.

Credits will be carried over from month-to-month and issued yearly in the form of a check to the account connected to the meter.