Operation Round Up Grant Application

The purpose of the Operation Round Up® Fund is the accumulation and disbursement of funds for charitable purposes in the service area of Marshall County Rural Electric Membership Corporation, Inc.

If your organization has funds to complete this project without our assistance, we assume you will fund it yourselves.  The requested financial information on the form is to help us understand the priorities and financial health of your organization.

The role of the Operation Round Up Board of Directors is to make the best use of the funds entrusted to us to support activities within the Marshall County REMC service territory. Once we have received a request, it will go to the Board of Directors for review. The board is free to support, question, or deny any request. Once the board has approved a request, a check will be written to the organization.

Questions regarding the application or process can be directed to Emily Howard, communications specialist at the Marshall County REMC office between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Our phone number is 574-936-3161 or email ehoward@marshallremc.com.

First Quarter: Deadline for application-April 1
Second Quarter: Deadline for application-July 1
Third Quarter: Deadline for application-October 7
Fourth Quarter: Deadline for application-January 7

Please provide 8 printed copies of the material below to the Marshall County REMC office when submitting an application:

1.  A list of your Board of Directors, Officers or Trustees and their phone numbers.
2.  A copy of the organiztion’s 501 (c)(3) letter (not required if government agency or public school).
3.  A statement of your yearly budget.