Service Information and Application

Marshall County REMC is providing you with the following information and guidelines to assist you with the installation of your new electric service, service upgrade or temporary service


Please contact our member service representative when you are considering a new service or service upgrade.  Our member services representative will want to discuss your power requirements and the type of installation that will best serve your needs.  Members planning to build a house or construct any other building that will require new service or a service upgrade should contact the REMC during the planning process.  Early planning for your electric service will help avoid added costs.


There is not a set distance REMC will run at no charge.  The cost is based on usage only.  Every job is different and is figured according to total construction cost from existing facilities, minus an estimated usage over a 30-month period.  If the usage is equal to or greater than the construction cost, the customer will not be charged.  If the usage is lower than the construction cost, the customer is obligated to pay the difference up front.  This is a onetime charge or a minimum monthly bill for the 30 months will be required.

Application for New Construction Service

All accounts require an Application for New Construction Membership & Service to be completed by the member and returned to our member service representative in order to establish an account on a new service or an existing service.

Please note if you are moving in/out of an existing service that you need to call our office at (574) 936-3161.

Membership Fee

Every metered service requires a $15.00 membership fee.


Every metered service is subject to an electric deposit based upon the recommendation of our online credit agency.

Meter Bases

The REMC will provide you with a meter base free of charge for a 100-amp, 200-amp overhead or underground service. (320-amp meter bases are available for purchase.)


When your new service is ready to be connected, it must be inspected.  If you live within the two-mile zoning boundary of Plymouth, call the Plymouth Building Inspector at 574-936-2824 and request a service entrance inspection.  If you live elsewhere in Marshall County, call the Marshall County Building Inspector at 574-935-8531 to request a service entrance inspection.  If you live in an adjoining county call your county offices and request an inspection. Contact information is as follows:

  • Fulton County Plan Commission Office 574-223-7667
  • Starke County Plan Commission Office 574-772-9133
  • Kosciusko County-Contact Marshall County REMC for Inspection
  • St. Joseph County Building Department 574-235-9554
  • Elkhart County Building Department 574-875-3335


The building inspector will send a release to REMC that notifies us that they have inspected and approved the new service.  Most jobs can be completed within one week depending on our workload and weather conditions.


If you have any questions or need more information please call Marshall County REMC at 574-936-3161.